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Are there Marijuana Dispensaries in Hartford?

No. There are no recreational cannabis dispensaries in Hartford. Although retail sales began in Connecticut in January 2023, none of the currently approved adult-use dispensaries is located in the City of Hartford.

Are there Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Hartford?

Yes. There is a medical marijuana dispensary in the City of Hartford. Hartford and Connecticut residents registered under the state’s medical marijuana program can buy medical marijuana from the dispensary. Hartford allows the operation of medical marijuana dispensaries pursuant to the Palliate Use of Marijuana Act, which permitted the operation of medical marijuana dispensaries in Connecticut.

Can You Buy Cannabis from Online Weed Dispensaries in Hartford?

Yes. You can purchase cannabis online from weed dispensaries in the city.

Visiting a Dispensary in Hartford

If you plan on purchasing adult-use cannabis in Hartford, you may have to wait somewhat longer as there are presently no approved recreational dispensaries in the city. Although retail sales of adult-use cannabis began statewide in January 2023, only nine dispensaries have received licenses to commence operations. However, you can visit the only dispensary in the city to purchase medical cannabis if you have a medical marijuana card issued by the State of Connecticut. At the dispensary, you will be required to present a valid government-issued ID in addition to the state-issued medical marijuana card to enter the facility.

To purchase medical cannabis in Hartford, you must have cash when visiting the dispensary. Credit cards are not accepted. If you are unsure what to buy, you can request help from the budtender or dispensary employee attending to you. Budtenders typically have formal training on cannabis and can guide buyers in determining the best purchases. Regardless of your purchase plan, you cannot buy more than five ounces of cannabis every 30 days in Hartford. After purchasing cannabis, wait until you get home before opening the product container to consume the products, as cannabis consumption on the premises of a dispensary is illegal.

Hartford Dispensary Laws

In Hartford, dispensaries are required to comply with the following laws:

  • Adult-use and medical cannabis dispensaries are allowed to operate in Hartford but must first obtain necessary licenses and permits from the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection and the Hartford City Council

  • Hartford dispensaries must ensure compliance with purchase limits set under state laws

  • Medical dispensaries can only serve patients with valid medical marijuana cards and not out-of-state patients

  • Adult-use dispensaries (when they open in the city) are not allowed to sell cannabis to minors and persons without proper government-issued identification

  • It is illegal for anyone under 18 years of age to enter a Hartford medical marijuana dispensary without the presence of the patient’s approved caregiver

  • Consumption of cannabis is prohibited on dispensary grounds

Recreational Laws in Hartford

In Hartford, the Responsible and Equitable Regulations of Adult-Use Cannabis Act (RERACA) allows for the legal use of cannabis for recreational purposes by individuals of legal age. The following regulations apply to recreational cannabis in the city pursuant to the RERACA:

  • Adults aged 21 or older in Hartford are allowed to possess up to 1.5 ounces of cannabis outside of their homes and up to 5 ounces at home. The 5 ounces must be in the vehicle's glove compartment, car's trunk, or a locked container at the residence of the consumer

  • Adults aged 21 or older may grow up to six marijuana plants indoors. However, the cultivation must not be visible from a public right-of-way. Note that this law becomes effective from July 2, 2023

  • Purchases and sales of cannabis and cannabis products are only legal if made at Connecticut-licensed dispensaries

  • Using cannabis on federal lands and public locations in Hartford is illegal

  • It is unlawful to drive while under the influence of cannabis

  • Adults can give cannabis away to other adults of legal age within the permitted possession limits as long as no commercial transaction is involved and no promise of payment or exchange of goods or services is made

Medical Cannabis Laws in Hartford

The State of Connecticut enacted HB 5389 in 2012, allowing Hartford residents and other residents of Connecticut with certain approved medical conditions to access cannabis for medical use under the state's medical marijuana program. Pursuant to HB 5389:

  • Only Hartford residents registered under the Connecticut medical marijuana program with active medical marijuana licenses may access medical cannabis legally

  • Patients are permitted to possess up to five ounces of cannabis per month

  • Patients are allowed to grow 3 flowering and 3 non-flowering cannabis plants at home out of public view

  • For households with two or more medical marijuana patients, the state's law allows for the cultivation of up to 12 cannabis plants for medical use

  • Consuming medical marijuana in workplaces, on buses or vehicles, on school grounds, in public places, or the presence of minors, or in locations that may endanger the well-being of others is illegal

  • Individuals with out-of-state medical marijuana cards are not permitted to purchase medical cannabis in Hartford

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Hartford

The first step to obtaining medical marijuana cards in Hartford is to consult an advance nurse practitioner, physician, or physician assistant to obtain a medical cannabis certification. The certification must attest that you have one of the approved conditions and will benefit from the palliative use of cannabis. If you are a minor, two certifications are required. One certification must be issued by your primary care provider, while the other must be issued by a healthcare provider certified in the area of medicine related to your medical condition.

Subsequently, create an account on the Department of Administrative Services (DAS) Business Network to register for a free account. After, use the email address and password established on the DAS business network to access the state medical marijuana registration portal. On the portal, select the "I am a Patient" option to commence your application.

On the application, you must provide the following:

For more details on obtaining medical marijuana cards in Hartford, see the medical marijuana application card quick reference guide or call the program at (860) 713-6066.

How to Buy Cannabis at a Hartford Dispensary

The following are required to purchase cannabis at a Hartford dispensary:

  • A government-issued ID, such as a Connecticut driver's license or United States Passport;

  • A Connecticut medical marijuana card; and

  • Cash

The Average Price in Hartford

A gram of pre-rolls in Hartford costs about $20, while an eighth of cannabis flower costs about $30.

Most Popular Strains in Hartford

Some popular cannabis strains in Hartford are:

  • Scarlett T30% FL 17482

  • Blue T25% PR 17494

  • Tucana T28% PR 17499

Can You Smoke in Public in Hartford?

No. Cannabis smoking in public places is illegal in Hartford.

How Much Marijuana Can You Possess at Once in Hartford?

Adults of legal age in Hartford can possess 1.5 ounces of cannabis in public but keep up to 5 ounces of cannabis in locked containers at home, in the locked trunks of their cars, or in glove boxes of their vehicles. Medical marijuana patients can grow up to 6 plants (3 immature and 3 mature) cannabis plants and have up to 5 ounces of cannabis per month. Households with two or more registered medical marijuana patients may grow up to 12 cannabis plants.

Can I Ship Cannabis in Hartford?

No. It is illegal to ship marijuana in or out of Hartford.

Can I Order Cannabis Online in Hartford?

You can only order medical cannabis online in Hartford. There are currently no adult-use dispensaries in the city.

Are there 24-Hour Dispensaries in Hartford?

No. There are no 24-hour dispensaries in Hartford.

Can Tourists Use Dispensaries in Hartford?

No, tourists cannot use dispensaries in the City of Hartford. The only dispensary in the town is licensed to sell medical marijuana. Medical marijuana in the city is only accessible to Connecticut residents.

Do You Need ID for Dispensary in Hartford?

Yes. To access medical cannabis in a Hartford dispensary, you need a Connecticut medical marijuana card.

Best Dispensaries in Hartford

Curaleaf is currently the only dispensary in the City of Hartford.

Do Dispensaries Scan your ID in Hartford?

Yes. You can expect your ID to be scanned when visiting the only dispensary in the city.

How Many Dispensaries are in Hartford?

Only one cannabis dispensary exists in Hartford.

Can Dispensaries in Hartford Take Credit Cards?

No. The dispensary in Hartford city does not accept credit cards but takes cash. Buyers can also pay using CanPay.

How Many Dispensaries Can You Visit in One Day?

There is only one marijuana dispensary in the city; hence you can visit only one dispensary. However, if more marijuana establishments open in the city, you can visit multiple dispensaries in one day.

Do Dispensaries in Hartford Take Health Insurance?

No. Health insurance is not accepted at the dispensary in Hartford.

Do Dispensaries in Hartford Track How Much Weed You Buy?

Yes. The dispensary in Hartford tracks sales in order to ensure that no buyer obtains more cannabis than allowed under Connecticut laws.

Can You Enter a Dispensary in Hartford at Age 18?

With the only dispensary in Hartford being a medical marijuana dispensary, you may enter the facility if you are 18 as long as you have a Connecticut medical marijuana card.

Where Can I Find Hartford Cannabis Regulator’s Contact Information?

The Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection (DCP) regulates cannabis in the City of Hartford. The state DCP’s address is:

Department of Consumer Protection

450 Columbus Boulevard, Suite 901

Hartford, Connecticut 06103-1840

Phone: (860) 713-6100

How Do I Report Illegal Cannabis Activities in Hartford?

To report illegal marijuana activities in Hartford, you may file a report to the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection by using the options available on the Complaint Center page of the DCP website. Alternatively, contact the Hartford Police Department at (860) 757-4000.

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