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Are there Marijuana Dispensaries in New Haven?

Yes. New Haven is home to marijuana dispensaries selling recreational and medical marijuana to qualified persons. Only a few adult-use dispensaries have been licensed to sell recreational cannabis in Connecticut as of January 2024, and New Haven has one such facility.

Are there Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in New Haven?

Yes. Persons looking to purchase medical marijuana in New Haven can do so at a couple of locations in the city.

Can You Buy Cannabis from Online Weed Dispensaries in New Haven?

Yes. You can purchase cannabis online from weed dispensaries in the city.

Visiting a Dispensary in New Haven

With retail sales of adult-use cannabis only beginning in January 2024, you can expect to wait in line if you visit any of the city's dispensaries to purchase cannabis. Note that you must be at least 21 to access a dispensary selling adult-use cannabis in New Haven. To buy medicinal marijuana in the city, you must have a medical marijuana card and a valid government-issued photo identification. As cash is the only form of payment allowed at dispensaries, it is recommended that you bring cash or use an on-site ATM to withdraw cash for your purchases.

Even though cannabis is legal in New Haven, there are limits on how much may be purchased. Each transaction is restricted to a quarter ounce of marijuana flower or its equivalent. First-time visitors who are not sure about the strains or products to buy can speak with the budtenders or attendants. New Haven dispensary budtenders are typically warm and friendly and help buyers make informed choices.

New Haven Dispensary Laws

Adult-use and medical cannabis dispensaries are allowed to operate in the City of New Haven. However, before starting operations, such facilities must first acquire the relevant license from the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection and a business permit from the New Haven City Council.

New Haven dispensaries must ensure that buyers do not exceed the stated purchase limits under Connecticut laws. Hence inventory and sales are tracked by retail outlets. No adult-use dispensary is permitted to sell cannabis for recreational use to customers under the age of 21 or who do not provide government-issued identification cards demonstrating they are of legal age. Medical marijuana dispensaries in New Haven are only allowed to sell cannabis to customers with current and valid medical marijuana cards. No out-of-state patient may be allowed to buy medical cannabis in the city.

It is illegal for individuals under 18 to visit a medical marijuana dispensary without the supervision of an adult caregiver who has been approved for the patient by the DCP. Consumption of cannabis is also unlawful on the grounds of a dispensary.

Recreational Laws in New Haven

The use of cannabis for recreational purposes is legal in New Haven for persons of legal age under the Responsible and Equitable Regulations of Adult-Use Cannabis Act (RERACA). According to the RERACA:

  • Adults aged 21 or older in New Haven can have up to 1.5 ounces of cannabis outside their homes and 5 ounces in specific locations stated under the law. The 5 ounces of cannabis may only be in a locked container at the residence of the owner, in a car's trunk, or inside the vehicle's glove compartment
  • Adults aged 21 or older may grow up to six marijuana plants. Such cultivation must be done indoors in locations not accessible not persons under 18 and out of public view
  • Purchases and sales may only be made at Connecticut-licensed dispensaries
  • Cannabis use is illegal on federal lands in New Haven and public locations in the city
  • It remains illegal to drive while under the influence of cannabis
  • Adults with bona fide social relationships may give cannabis to other adults of legal age as long as such transfers do not involve a commercial transaction. Also, the transfer must involve no promise of payment or exchange of goods or services

Medical Cannabis Laws in New Haven

Medical marijuana use has been legal in New Haven for nearly a decade before the legalization of recreational weed. In 2012, Connecticut enacted HB 5389 to allow persons with qualifying conditions approved under the state's medical marijuana program access cannabis for medical use. Some of the qualifying conditions include glaucoma, cancer, Parkinson’s disease, cachexia, epilepsy, sickle cell disease, Crohn’s disease, and Tourette’s syndrome.

Patients are now permitted to own up to five ounces of 5 ounces of cannabis per month and grow up to 3 flowering and 3 non-flowering cannabis plants at home. If two or more patients reside in a household, Connecticut’s medical marijuana law permits the cultivation of up to 12 cannabis plants.

Despite the legalization of medical marijuana, consuming it in workplaces, buses, vehicles, school grounds, public places, in the presence of minors, or in ways that may endanger the well-being of others is illegal. Persons with out-of-state medical marijuana cards are not allowed to buy medical cannabis in New Haven.

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in New Haven

You can apply for a medical marijuana registry ID card in New Haven as a minor or adult. To get a medical marijuana registry ID card, you must get a medical cannabis certification from a Connecticut-licensed physician, physician assistant, or advanced practice registered nurse. If you are not yet 18, your parent or legal guardian must obtain certifications from two physicians. One of the physicians must be your primary care provider, while the other healthcare practitioner must be a board-certified healthcare provider in the area of medicine related to your qualifying condition.

Upon obtaining the necessary certification, you may proceed to the Department of Administrative Services (DAS) Business Network to set up an account required to access the Connecticut online certification system. Once registration is complete, and the account has been verified on the DAS Business Network, you may log in to the medical marijuana registration portal to complete the application process. The application will require the submission of the following information:

Call the Connecticut Medical Marijuana Program at (860) 713-6066 or review the Quick Reference Guide for more information on getting a medical marijuana card in New Haven.

Where is it Legal to Consume Cannabis in New Haven?

Cannabis use is legal in private New Haven residences. Cannabis may not be used in public or any location where it may impact the health of another individual.

How to Buy Cannabis at a New Haven Dispensary

You may buy cannabis at a New Haven dispensary by visiting the dispensary's location. You can find the addresses of licensed New Haven weed dispensaries online using the search phrase “New Haven dispensaries near me.” Note that adult-use cannabis purchase is only possible if you have a valid government-issued ID card. Dispensaries in the city typically require adult-use cannabis buyers to pre-order online before visiting the store in person to pick up their orders.

If you have a Connecticut medical marijuana card and a valid government-issued ID, such as a Connecticut driver’s license or Passport, you can buy medical cannabis at a New Haven medical marijuana dispensary.

The Average Price in New Haven

An eighth of cannabis costs between $45 and $60.

Most Popular Strains in New Haven

Some popular cannabis strains in New Haven are:

  • Hybridol BC H
  • Hybridol T
  • Indicol BC

Can You Smoke in Public in New Haven?

No. Cannabis smoking in public locations is illegal in New Haven.

How Much Marijuana Can You Possess at Once in New Haven?

Adults aged 21 or older in New Haven are legally permitted to possess up to 1.5 ounces of cannabis. Additionally, they are allowed to keep up to 5 ounces of cannabis in locked containers at home or in their vehicles' locked trunks or glove boxes. Medical marijuana patients, on the other hand, are allowed to possess up to 5 ounces per 30 days and cultivate up to 3 mature and 3 immature cannabis plants. Cultivation of up to 12 cannabis plants is allowed in households where two or more registered patients reside.

Can I Ship Cannabis in New Haven?

No. Shipping cannabis in New Haven, across state lines, is illegal. You may transport legally within the possession limits across Connecticut jurisdictions as long it is kept in the car's trunk or glove compartment.

Can I Order Cannabis Online in New Haven?

Yes, you can order weed online in New Haven. However, you may have to visit the store in person to pick up your order.

Are there 24-Hour Dispensaries in New Haven?

No. There are no 24-hour dispensaries in New Haven.

Can Tourists Use Dispensaries in New Haven?

Visitors can use recreational dispensaries in New Haven but not medical marijuana dispensaries.

Do You Need ID for Dispensary in New Haven?

Yes. You need a government-issued ID and a medical marijuana card to buy medical cannabis. If you want recreational cannabis, only a government-issued ID is required.

Best Dispensaries in New Haven

Southern CT Wellness and Affinity Health and Wellness are the only licensed dispensaries in New Haven.

Do Dispensaries Scan your ID in New Haven?

Yes, New Haven dispensaries scan customers’ IDs.

How Many Dispensaries are in New Haven?

There are currently two dispensaries in New Haven. One of the dispensaries sells both recreational and medical cannabis.

Can Dispensaries in New Haven Take Credit Cards?

No. New Haven dispensaries do not take credit cards. Cash is the accepted form of completing purchases.

How Many Dispensaries Can You Visit in One Day?

You can visit several weed dispensaries in a single day. However, you will not be able to buy more cannabis than permitted under the law.

Do Dispensaries in New Haven Take Health Insurance?

No. New Haven dispensaries do not accept health insurance.

Do Dispensaries in New Haven Track How Much Weed You Buy?

Yes. New Haven dispensaries track marijuana purchases to ensure individuals do not exceed the stipulated limits under Connecticut marijuana laws.

Can You Enter a Dispensary in New Haven at Age 18?

You can only enter a New Haven dispensary at 18 if you have a medical marijuana card issued by the State of Connecticut. If you plan to buy cannabis for recreational use, you must be 21 or older with valid proof.

Where Can I Find New Haven Cannabis Regulator’s Contact Information?

The Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection (DCP) regulates cannabis in the City of New Haven. You may reach the DCP at:

Department of Consumer Protection

450 Columbus Boulevard, Suite 901

Hartford, Connecticut 06103-1840

Phone: (860) 713-6100

How Do I Report Illegal Cannabis Activities in New Haven?

To report illegal marijuana activities in New Haven, you may file a report to the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection via the DCP’s Complaint Form or the New Haven Police Department at (203) 946-6316.