Can You Smoke Weed in Public in Connecticut?

Can You Smoke Weed in Connecticut?

Yes, you can smoke weed in Connecticut. The state’s cannabis laws allow cannabis users to consume smokable forms of cannabis.

Can You Smoke Weed in Public in Connecticut?

Smoking weed in public, such as state parks, beaches, and waters, is illegal in Connecticut. Although the state generally prohibits weed smoking in public places where tobacco smoking or vaping is banned, Connecticut allows its cities and towns to set specific guidelines for where cannabis may be consumed in public. In line with this provision, Vernon, Southington, and New Britain have all placed a ban on smoking weed on city or town-owned property. Also, in accordance with the Connecticut Clean Indoor Air Act, it is illegal to smoke marijuana within 25 feet of any doorway.

Can You Smoke Weed in a Vehicle in Connecticut?

You cannot smoke weed in your car if the key is in the ignition. Smoking cannabis while driving or riding as a passenger in a motor vehicle is strictly prohibited, and violation of this law may result in a misdemeanor charge being brought against you. If you are moving cannabis within Connecticut, you may store the substance in a locked container in a locked glove box or trunk of your vehicle.

Who Can Smoke Marijuana in Connecticut?

Only adults aged 21 or older can smoke marijuana for recreational purposes in the state. Patients with Connecticut medical marijuana cards may also smoke medical cannabis.

Where Can You Legally Smoke Weed in Connecticut?

You can smoke marijuana on personal private property in Connecticut. State law allows landlords to establish anti-smoking rules for cannabis on their properties. Therefore, if you live in a rented home, you must seek permission from your landlord before smoking weed on the property. Smoking weed on federal property is illegal, and violators will be prosecuted under federal law.

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