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How Much Does the Connecticut Medical Marijuana Card Cost?

In Connecticut, the Department of Consumer Protection (DCP) administers the medical marijuana program and issues medical marijuana cards to patients and caregivers in this program. To obtain a marijuana card in the state, a patient must obtain a physician certification for medical cannabis use. This certification must be issued by a Connecticut-licensed physician, physician assistant or advanced practice registered nurse.

Cost of Physician Consultation

A patient seeking a physician certification must schedule an appointment with an eligible medical provider approved to certifying patients for medical cannabis use in Connecticut. A patient under the age of 18 must provide two certifications from two physicians to join the Connecticut medical marijuana program. One of these physicians must be the minor’s primary care provider while the other must be board-certified to provide medical care for patients with the debilitating condition for which they are certifying the minor. Patients must expect to pay for appointments with their physicians when obtaining certifications. The cost of such appointments by practice and location. However, the cost of a physician consultation in Connecticut usually varies from $100 to $300.

Connecticut Medical Marijuana Card Fee

Beginning July 1, 2023, the DCP removed the registration fee for patients and caregivers joining the Connecticut medical marijuana program. Therefore, there is no charge for getting or renewing a medical marijuana certificate in Connecticut.

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